Accepted Documents

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Proof Of Identification

Please ensure that when you take a photograph of your passport, pages three and four are both clearly visible

Driving Licence
If you have either the old paper licence or new card format, please ensure that the photo you take of the licence clearly shows your name, photo, address and expiry date.

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Proof of Address

We can accept any document from the following list as proof of your address:

  • Household utility bill
  • Any bank correspondence quoting account number
  • Any revenue correspondence
  • Social welfare document quoting policy number
  • Littlewoods correspondence quoting account number
  • NDLS correspondence quoting driver number
  • Correspondence from a government body or local county council

Top Tip:
When taking a photo of the proof of your address, we need to see the full page clearly. Make sure the image is not blurry so we can verify your address and that the address matches the one on your application.

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Proof Of Income

Paid into your bank?
We will need at least one month of your personal bank statements dated within the last 30 days to show your income is being paid into that account.

Not paid into your account?
You can use a JPG photo or PDF of a recent pay slip, social welfare receipt, pension statement or tax certificate.

Are you self-employed?
If you are, we will also require the last 2 years of your Tax Assessment forms (Tax returns and Revenue acceptance forms)